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For many hospitals, up to 30% of potential Medicaid applicants never finalize an application. On paper, this shortfall represents a significant revenue opportunity, but most hospitals fail to engage this patient population successfully. Many of these patients aren’t screened properly to qualify for Medicaid. Others start applications, but never complete them. This patient population often is hard to reach, and may have several enrollment barriers, such as

• Transportation issues

• Language barriers

• The lack of paid time off

• Challenging work and/or family environments

This webinar will explain why some hospitals are able to expand their Medicaid enrollment through their virtual services while many others have failed. The webinar will provide a framework for you to ask the key questions to determine if your virtual service will achieve the goals of expanding enrollment and revenue. And if you don’t have a virtual eligibility process yet, this webinar will give you the important questions to get started.

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May 24th 2PM EST