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Latest Webinars and Podcasts

  • Watch On-Demand: Why You Need To Audit Your Self-Insured Health Plan Performance

    This 45-minute webinar will explain that conducting regular medical claim audits keeps your business compliant and ensures that you’re not wasting money by paying unsubstantiated, duplicate, or erroneous claims.

  • Webinar: Solving Your Medicaid Eligibility Staffing Issues

    This 30-minute webinar will explain how virtual staffing can help ease this burden on hospitals. By utilizing off-site resources, with the combination of virtual technology and trained Medicaid experts, hospitals can now not only sustain their existing Medicaid revenue but increase it. Don't have time to watch it? Check out the transcript highlights!

  • CBIZ's Medicaid Virtual Enrollment Counselor

    Learn how CBIZ KA Consulting adapted its Medicaid Eligibility process to meet the challenges of qualifying patients for Medicaid in today’s hospital environment. Discover how we helped to complete eligibility applications either on-site or remotely. Our new process reinforces CBIZ’s commitment to patient advocacy while maintaining or even increasing revenue for our clients.

  • Improving Your Medicaid Eligibility Process in a COVID Environment

    This webinar demonstrates how CBIZ re-engineered its eligibility processes to screen patients remotely, while maintaining its industry-leading application conversion rates, ensuring that our client obtained their appropriate eligibility revenue and that their patients received their entitled benefits.

  • COVID and the Imperative of Ventilator Coding Accuracy Webinar

    This webinar includes case studies that demonstrate common coding errors associated with ventilators and best practices in how to code these cases accurately.