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Our Story

Revenue Cycle and Compliance Consulting

Since our founding in 1978, CBIZ KA Consulting Services has specialized in helping acute care hospitals optimize their revenue cycle and improve compliance. Our expertise is blending hands-on consultative experience with cutting-edge data analytics to provide lasting solutions for our clients. What separates us is our intricate understanding of the details of healthcare reimbursement, including coding, clinical documentation, level of care determination, the charge description master, and billing – and how all of these elements come together to optimize financial performance and reduce compliance risk.

Our goal is to help our clients identify areas for improvement and help implement changes that can have a lasting impact. To accomplish this we employ an interdisciplinary staff that includes financial reimbursement experts, data analysts, coders, nurses and billing specialists. At CBIZ we understand how hospital processes and departments need to function in order to perform at its best level. In addition, we have vast experience in helping our clients remove roadblocks and silos to meet their organizational initiatives.


Medicaid Eligibility

For 20 years CBIZ KA Consulting Services has been an industry leader in Medicaid eligibility services. We provide primary on-site screening for Medicaid enrollment and help eligible beneficiaries throughout every stage of the application process. What separates us in the marketplace is our patient advocacy approach. We perform bedside consultations, patient visitations and work with county offices to complete the application process. We’ve seen first-hand the stress that unexpected hospitalization can put on a family and emphasize how enrolling in these programs can provide vital care for their loved ones. We recruit our staff from the communities we serve to ensure that we meet the patients’ language and cultural needs, which facilitates a seamless application process. Our patient advocacy is through our emphasis on cultural empathy and communication. Our approach helps overcome the barriers to completing an application.

We craft our approach to Medicaid Eligibility based on each client’s unique needs to provide a value-driven solution that ensures improved financial yield while meeting their community service objectives. By taking this approach we are able to provide both on-site and back-office solutions, which allows us to leverage our significant data analytics capabilities even when we aren’t on-site at a hospital. Our expertise with reimbursement can help us identify missed eligibility revenue from patient files that are 60-, 90-, 120-, or even a year old. We also provide Institutional Medicaid services for psych and rehab facilities. In short, we help providers improve their eligibility revenue in a variety of ways while ensuring that their patients receive their entitled benefits.