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CBIZ's Comprehensive Revenue Optimization Solution

CBIZ's Revenue Defender offers a comprehensive solution for identifying revenue opportunities and safeguarding entitled earnings.

Why choose us?

Our advanced platform conducts a thorough analysis of claims data to uncover potential revenue-enhancing opportunities while pinpointing potential threats that could lead to denials or recoupments. With a meticulous four-pronged investigation of your data, CBIZ's Revenue Defender delivers an impartial, third-party validation of your revenue cycle's proper functionality and accurate billing of entitled revenue.

The Revenue Defender focuses on four critical areas:

  1. Government Compliance: Ensuring adherence to government regulations affecting Medicare fee-for-service coding, Medical Necessity (IP/OBS/OP) and more.
  2. Revenue Integrity: Analysis of Physician Payment levels including cost and length of stay and Payer payment patterns.
  3. Denial Tracking/Management: Tracking and Trending overall denied dollars to identify areas of opportunity and change.
  4. Revenue Realization: Snapshot of discharge to bill and bill to payment time frames.Includes reasons behind Physician non-compliance.

Do you possess an effective strategy for enhancing the health of your organization’s revenue cycle?

Operating on an annual subscription model with quarterly reporting, the Revenue Defender offers invaluable insights into revenue trends and issue identification. CBIZ's holistic approach guarantees that potential issues are promptly addressed and continuously monitored to prevent regression by providing a practical blueprint for optimizing the health of your organization’s revenue cycle.

Does your organization have a systematic guide for performance improvement?

Through a comprehensive assessment encompassing coding, physician documentation, billing, accounts receivable management, denials, and revenue capture, the Revenue Defender conducts a meticulous evaluation of your revenue cycle processes ensuring that your organization’s financial health remains robust and sustainable.



Rick Parker

Rick Parker

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