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 E&M Coding Compliance Assessment

Medicare E&M changes have affected numerous aspects of coding, billing and reimbursement. From the changing of the Medical Decision Making (MDM) criteria to the introduction of time-based standards to new add-on codes for primary care and prolonged services, providers have to master these changes in order to code and bill compliantly.

And you can bet that with all of these changes taking effect, a wave of audits will soon follow. Is your organization coding and billing compliantly?

CBIZ has been assisting providers during this time of transition. Our E&M Coding Compliance Assessment combines clinical and billing reviews with targeted education identification to ensure that providers are coding and billing appropriately. With our on-staff clinical and billing experts, CBIZ’s E&M Coding Compliance Assessment will evaluate the completeness of your clinical documentation, the appropriateness of your code selection and the accuracy of your billing. 

No one likes to be unprepared for audits and/or potential recoupments. We can help. Contact us for more information about CBIZ’s E&M Coding Compliance Assessment