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Webinar: Solving Your Medicaid Eligibility Staffing Issues

This 30-minute webinar will explain how virtual staffing can help ease this burden on hospitals. By utilizing off-site resources, with the combination of virtual technology and trained Medicaid experts, hospitals can now not only sustain their existing Medicaid revenue but increase it. Don't have time to watch it? Check out the transcript highlights!

Transcript Highlights

0:02 - Introduction  

2:09 – The current Medicaid eligibility staffing crunch 

4:31 – Are your internal resources sufficient to get the job done?   

7:32 – Current challenges with in-person Medicaid eligibility staffing   

10:36 – Our virtual solution – the concept   

20:19 – Our virtual solution – the components   

24:17 – Our virtual solution – the benefits   

25:59 – Our virtual solution – staffing flexibility