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VEC’s Benefits for Healthcare Providers

With staffing shortages on the rise, learn how incorporating VEC can help enhance your current Medicaid eligibility process.

March 2023

By Francisco Francisco Medicaid Eligibility Supervisor, and Adam Abramowitz, Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing

Of the several challenges that hospitals face in guiding uninsured patients through the Medicaid enrollment process, lack of staffing is at the top of the list. Many providers cannot find or hire enough qualified candidates to handle these complex and labor-intensive applications. Furthermore, the staffing need for Medicaid enrollment will be an even bigger problem for hospitals as 2023 progresses.

With the Public Health Emergency unwinding period set to begin, millions of Medicaid beneficiaries across the country will need to be reenrolled in federal and state programs. Thus, more hospital staff will be required to handle this influx. Staff will be challenged more than ever to provide assistance with Medicaid recertifications, appeals, Healthcare Marketplace enrollment, and guidance for patients experiencing Medicaid disenrollment. This period will increase demand for extended customer service, expertise, and flexibility to assist the uninsured population.

This is where CBIZ can help!

CBIZ’s Virtual Eligibility Counselor (VEC) service can relieve your Medicaid eligibility staffing issues while bringing in additional Medicaid revenue. CBIZ provides either full Medicaid eligibility outsourcing or supplemental staffing coverage. Our Medicaid experts will help relieve your resource burden, freeing up your staff to concentrate on other vital functions.

Hospitals that have used VEC have experienced on average a 14% increase in approved Medicaid claims, leading to significant Medicaid revenue gains. Our secret is our people. Although there are other virtual eligibility solutions or platforms in the marketplace, CBIZ knows that there is no substitute for highly skilled Medicaid counselors. CBIZ’s counselors walk patients through the Medicaid eligibility process every step of the way, working with them to complete their applications and get them approved

The convenience of our service and the expertise of our staff help overcome patient barriers that can disrupt the Medicaid application process, such as employment obligations, transportation issues, and language barriers. As a result, VEC has led to higher conversion rates, increased compliance and satisfaction from our patients served, and happy clients.

CBIZ’s eligibility counselors are here to assist. We would be very interested in talking with you about how we help reduce your Medicaid eligibility staffing issues. Contact Francisco Francisco at [email protected] to set up a consultation. 

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