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The Importance of Medicare Quality Outcomes Report

Discover how our comprehensive analysis empowers hospitals to gain indispensable insights, enabling them to take proactive measures in preventing future penalties and elevating overall quality measures across these domains.

September 2023

By Brian Herdman, Director

CBIZ KA Consulting Services’ Medicare Quality Subscription Report services offers a comprehensive solution to improve patient quality outcomes and revenue enhancement for hospitals. By leveraging CMS data, our services can identify critical clinical conditions that trigger adverse scores in quality areas, such as Hospital Readmission Reduction Program, Value-Based Purchasing (VBP), and Hospital-Acquired Conditions scores.

The service utilizes an assessment of all underlying risk conditions at the patient- level to pinpoint specific remedies that can improve hospital performance in key Medicare quality measures. Our approach enables hospitals to identify and prioritize the conditions that contribute to adverse outcomes and allows them to take the necessary steps to address those issues effectively.

For the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program, CBIZ demystifies the calculation for the CMS penalty and leverages expected readmission rates by risk factor to highlight opportunities for patient follow -up that might avoid an acute inpatient readmission.

Furthermore, we provide a deep dive into the data for Medicare Spend per Beneficiary (one quarter of VBP weight) to determine where and why excess spending exists down to the episode level of care. This valuable information helps hospitals make informed decisions to improve quality measures and reduce spending.

CBIZ’s Medicare Quality Subscription Report service also helps hospitals analyze Hospital-Acquired Conditions penalties and other VPB statistics in the Clinical Care Domain, Patient Experience of Care, and Safety Measures. Our analysis enables hospitals to identify areas that require improvement to prevent future penalties and improve overall quality measures in these domains.

Ultimately, the Medicare Quality Subscription Report service can help hospitals improve patient quality outcomes, reduce readmission rates, enhance revenue, and improve their performance in key Medicare quality measures by leveraging CMS data to identify specific remedies that can be implemented.

To learn more about our Medicare Quality Subscription Report service, contact our office at 800-957-6900 or to learn more about our other Revenue Assurance services, reach out to [email protected] to be connected to an expert.

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