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Access CBIZ's Latest Webinar Solving Your Medicaid Eligibility Staffing Problems

This 30-minute webinar will explain how virtual staffing can help ease this burden on hospitals. By utilizing off-site resources, with the combination of virtual technology and trained Medicaid experts, hospitals can now not only sustain their existing Medicaid revenue but increase it.

June 2022

Last month, CBIZ KA Consulting Services (CBIZ) presented its latest webinar, “Solving Your Medicaid Eligibility Staffing Problems,” and the feedback to the webinar has been outstanding. Over 85% of those who attended the webinar indicated that they need additional assistance with Medicaid eligibility at their organization. Over 90% said that the webinar provided “great value.”

The webinar focused on CBIZ’s Virtual Eligibility Counselor (VEC) solution, and how it can provide Medicaid eligibility assistance anywhere in the country. To date, hospitals that have implemented VEC have experienced a 10-15% increase in additional completed Medicaid applications and corresponding Medicaid revenue. That’s real money!

For those who were unable to attend the webinar, we have made the audio of the presentation available on our website; you can access it here. We also plan to present the webinar again in September, so be on the lookout for that announcement.

If you have any questions about the webinar, or have an immediate need regarding your organization’s Medicaid eligibility process, please contact Adam Abramowitz at [email protected] or 609-220-5627. 

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