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Alarming data for disenrolled Medicaid recipients has been released. What do these numbers mean for healthcare providers and their staff?

July 2023

By: Francisco Francisco, Medicaid Eligibility Supervisor

Medicaid disenrollments will continue to happen monthly through May of 2024. Many of the Medicaid disenrollments will be inevitable, as patients may no longer qualify for Medicaid due to income or changes in family arrangements. As a result, there will continue to be an increase in patients seeking assistance with either their Medicaid renewal process or guidance on how to apply for insurance through the healthcare marketplace.

Providers will be required to have sufficient experienced staff that have the availability to assist new groups of disenrolled patients monthly through 2024. This continuous wave of patients may come as a surprise for healthcare providers, especially for those who were not proactive with reenrollment processes.

Based on April 2023 preliminary data from eighteen states, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has found that 31% of renewals resulted in someone losing Medicaid or CHIP coverage. An alarming 79% of those recipients lost coverage due to procedural reasons such as not returning a renewal form.

CBIZ’s Virtual Eligibility Counselor (VEC) is a service that can help hospitals and their patients with the renewal process. Our experienced Medicaid counselors can guide patients through the renewal process from the comfort of their home. This virtual solution has made the Medicaid reenrollment processes more effective for our clients, resulting in higher compliance from patients. VEC is available as a stand-alone service for Medicaid eligibility outsourcing or as a supplement to existing staff onsite, such as providing after hours coverage to reach the significant portion of patients who are not available during business hours.

If you would like to learn more about how VEC can be the solution to your staffing needs, contact our office today at 800.957.6900 or [email protected]

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