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E&M Documentation Reviews

CBIZ’s approach to E&M Reviews combines data analytics, certified-coder reviews and physician benchmarking to present your organization with a complete picture of your professional coding and billing.Charts stacked for E & M reviews
Many companies provide physician Evaluation & Management (E&M) reviews, so why choose CBIZ? At CBIZ, E&M is only part of the picture. CBIZ reviews E&M, ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes and CPT Procedure Codes (where available) for all of our physician engagements. Our team of certified coders can review all specialties.
But our approach goes much further.
We provide valuable benchmarking and peer-to-peer reports, which place your physicians and practices in appropriate context. We identify which diagnoses are leading to potential over- or under-coding. As part of our benchmarking, CBIZ places each physician on his or her appropriate bell curve for E&M reviews. Is it natural for a particular physician to code so many level 4’s? Our data analytics, physician reviews and benchmarking will investigate and provide you with meaningful answers.
CBIZ can also help select a more precise sample for reviews. With our proprietary data analytics, we target which physicians and what types of cases would provide the best use of your resources.
In addition, CBIZ provides meaningful analysis of our findings. We will detail our major findings – for example, which physicians could benefit from additional education, which physicians have improved their coding. We delineate the factors that require immediate attention from a compliance and revenue standpoint. CBIZ concludes all of our E&M engagements with a thorough blueprint for corrective action and improvement.


Feel free to check out our latest whitepaper below:



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