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Revenue Defender

CBIZ’s comprehensive solution to identify revenue opportunities and protect entitled dollars

CBIZ’s Revenue Defender provides a thorough examination of claims data to identify potential revenue opportunities and possible risks for denials or recoupments. With its four-pronged investigation of claims data, Revenue Defender will give your organization an independent, third-party validation that your revenue cycle is functioning properly and that entitled revenue is being billed properly.

Hospital setting revenue Defender

The Revenue Defender looks at four major areas:

  1. Government Compliance
  2. Revenue Integrity
  3. Denial Tracking/Management
  4. Revenue Realization

The Revenue Defender is an annual subscription model, with quarterly reporting that provides revenue trending and issue identification. CBIZ’s comprehensive approach ensures that potential issues are addressed and monitored so that no backsliding occurs. Combining data analytics, benchmarking, clinical chart reviews and our 40 years of financial reimbursement expertise, the Revenue Defender functions as a working blueprint for the health of your revenue cycle.