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The Navigator


Are you looking to bring your organization’s Medicaid eligibility process in-house? Do you want to improve yourexisting eligibility process? CBIZ’s Medicaid Eligibility Navigator will provide the foundation to ensure that your organization maximizes its Medicaid revenue opportunities by improving your qualification process.

The Navigator enables your organization to develop, improve and optimize in-house Medicaid eligibility processing. It helps train and manage your eligibility employees. It provides comprehensive tracking of all self-pay referrals as well as submitted Medicaid applications.

The Navigator provides the capabilities your organization needs to ensure a comprehensive eligibility process:
  • Staff education: testing protocols and subject mastery;
  • Resource Database: regulatory information, standard operating procedures and key eligibility forms;
  • Application Tracking: CBIZ’s Tracker, a proprietary workflow, performance monitoring and reporting tool.


CBIZ has provided Medicaid eligibility outsourcing and consulting for over 20 years. The Navigator leverages our experience and technology to give your organization the capability to take ownership and manage its eligibility process. With the Navigator, your organization will be maximizing revenue by enrolling more qualified patients into state and federal programs, providing you with the tools to improve your staffing effectiveness, and automating claims follow-up.


Juan Chico | 609.918.0990