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Short Stay and Observation

A comprehensive approach to service enhancement and monitoring for short stay inpatient and observation servicescase manager reviewing short stay inpatient file

This CBIZ service helps clients prevent the over utilization of observation services and helps ensure the appropriate level of care assignment.

Hospitals and health systems consistently struggle with the appropriateness of their short stay admissions and the utilization of observation status. These challenges have significant implications in terms of compliance and revenue. Incomplete documentation and inconsistent application of admission criteria could lead to increased denial activity and recoupments. 

CBIZ combines its clinical, compliance and financial reimbursement expertise to offer a comprehensive performance improvement and monitoring solution. 
CBIZ’s comprehensive approach encompasses five steps:
  • Data Analytics – assists in identifying overutilization of observations and appropriate short stays
  • Clinical Reviews – validates the correct patient status assignment
  • Case Management Assessment – verifies the correct application of medical necessity criteria
  • Monitoring – measures the impact of performance improvements 
  • Educate – improves patient status assignment and clinical documentation

Our melding of data analytics, revenue cycle optimization and clinical best practices has created a unique approach that helps hospitals and health systems reduce risk and denials and improve regulatory compliance. This service improves the application of admission processes, increasing the accuracy of level of care assignment, which results in regulatory compliance and optimized revenue.