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Billing & Coding Reviews

CBIZ has a variety of tools to assist providers in the evaluation of their physician practices. Our tools examine the following areas of compliance and reimbursement: coding, documentation, billing and revenue capture. CBIZ provides these services for hospital-owned and independent practices.Medical biller reviewing patient chart


In addition, CBIZ can assist hospitals with due diligence of potential physician acquisition targets by evaluating the coding, billing and overall revenue health of these practices. We understand the challenges that hospitals and physicians face in terms of incorporating their respective billing operations into a functional whole. We have worked with numerous hospitals and health systems to integrate new physician networks and transition the ancillary providers into the hospital revenue cycle, which ensures the highest levels of reimbursement.

Blending our best-of-breed data analytics with more than 35 years of consultative expertise, CBIZ works to reduce coding, billing and compliance risks by identifying problematic areas, suggesting corrective actions and monitoring progress.

Our Physician Practices Coding and Claims Review Services include:

  • E/M Review – provides both primary coding of levels, as well as the auditing of levels
  • Chart-to-Bill Audits – ensures that physicians are accurately billing for all services rendered
  • Billing and Coding Benchmarking – provides a variety of methods of evaluating hospital physicians: coding, revenue capture and billing practices
  • Evaluation of Physician Tools and Forms Used for Coding and Charge Capture – examines the super bill to make sure that all appropriate charges are present and that coding practices are accurate