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MLTSS - Long-Term Care Medicaid Service

This CBIZ service assists your organization in initiating and completing long-term care Medicaid applications to qualify patients for the appropriate level of care in a sub-acute facility.patient in Long term care Medicaid service 
CBIZ has been providing long-term Institutional Medicaid application assistance for almost 20 years. Our comprehensive service yields the following benefits:
  • Minimizes application processing time
  • Increases the application approval conversion rate
  • Frees up internal resources 

Our financial counselors work with patients, their families and their providers to gather the required documentation and complete the process. Once an application has been submitted, we will address any potential roadblocks to ensure the application is approved.
CBIZ’s long-term Institutional Medicaid expertise and expedited service result in reduced costs related to length of stay and improved revenue due to increased application approvals. This service also leads to productivity gains by outsourcing the resource-intensive application process.