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HCCA Conference Review

Summary of the 2024 Annual Compliance Institute

May 2024

By Adam Abramowitz, Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing 

CBIZ KA Consulting Services exhibited at 2024 HCCA Annual Compliance Institute last month in Nashville. In-person attendance for the conference has continued to grow over the last three years. During this year’s conference, we spoke with attendees about multiple areas of compliance.

The most frequent topic of conversation at our booth was physician coding compliance. With the new Evaluation and Management (E&M) Code changes in 2021 and 2023, many organizations believe that they don’t have a handle on how compliant their physicians, providers or professional coders are regarding their coding and documentation. We had several conversations about performing physician coding audits and coder evaluation audits.

And sometimes having a good audit partner isn’t even enough. Continuing a trend that we noticed from last year’s conference, a number of organizations want to switch out their coding audit partners, even though they have good relationships with them. These organizations believe that a fresh set of eyes is important.

We also spoke with a couple of organizations regarding coding support services. Even when they liked the results from their coding audits, they were disappointed with the feedback from their partners. These organizations were looking to bring in additional companies to help answer coding questions; their existing partners weren’t meeting their expectations.

A final major area of discussion for us was behavioral health coding and billing reviews. It’s no secret that the behavioral health space has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. And it’s also not a secret that increased audit activity and recoupments have followed suit. As many behavioral health organizations have rapidly expanded, the culture of compliance needs to be addressed and emphasized. So many organizations have new providers, processes, and technologies; this growth has inherent compliance risk. We spoke to several organizations about billing and coding reviews.

One compliance area that we think we become more of a factor in 2024 is the Two-Midnight Rule. As managed Medicare plans are now required to follow Medicare principles for Two-Midnight Rule compliance, we expect to see more overall audit activity. Based on our Two-Midnight Rule audits from our existing clients, we know that this is an area of compliance where many hospitals continue to struggle.

Overall, the institute was a very successful one for CBIZ. We had several conversations of note and a lot of new people to follow up with. If you have any questions about these or other compliance services, please contact me at [email protected] or at 609-220-5627. 

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