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Coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) Coding Guidance

Effective February 20, 2020, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) established ICD-10 supplement coding guidelines for coding encounters related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

A new code will be implemented with the October 1, 2020 update. Code B34.2, Coronavirus infection, unspecified would be inappropriate for COVID-19, since cases have been identified as respiratory in nature and not classified as “Unspecified.”

Code only confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Those cases documented as “suspected,” “probable” or “possible” should be coded to the reason for the encounter.

ICD-10-CM interim coding guidance was provided for encounters related to coronavirus:

  • Pneumonia – J12.89 + B97.29
  • Lower or Acute Respiratory Infection – J22 + B97.29
  • Respiratory Infection NOS – J98.8 + B97.29
  • Acute Bronchitis – J20.8 + B97.29
  • Bronchitis NOS – J40 + B97.29
  • Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) – J80 + B97.29
  • Exposure to COVID-19 – Z20.828
  • Exposure to COVID-19 ruled out – Z03.818

More information can be found by clicking the link below:

For more accurate information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to stay safe, please visit the CDC and WHO sites, respectively:

For additional information regarding the current changes, reach out to one of our Clinical Consultants at 800-957-6900

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