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Increasing Medicaid enrollments for non-compliant patients

Lucy's Medicaid Minute

By Lucia Buffaloe, MBA - Director

Jul 2021

All hospitals have non-compliant patients when it comes to applying for Medicaid. The truth is that for most patients, their jobs and families will always come before figuring out to how to complete their Medicaid applications.

We know that not all non-compliant patients are the same. And with the right follow up, guidance, and new technological tools to help patients and their families in applying to Medicaid, many non-compliant patients could become inclined to finalize and submit applications.

But who are these non-compliant patients? Do they have specific, related characteristics or do they have significant differences?

Based on CBIZ’s internal data, 60% of Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility applications transition into full Medicaid with a Managed Care Organization – which means that 40% of these patients don’t complete the enrollment process. Of these patients who did not complete the application process, significantly, 80% are between the ages of 21-58. The majority of the non-compliant population is of working class. These patients have income, but fall under the federal poverty levels for Medicaid. Often, they have jobs without benefits, such as health insurance and paid time off.  

working class

In order to increase Medicaid enrollment conversion for this population, your hospital needs to  extend a helping hand to patients by providing flexibility, instead of creating a burden by only giving them limited options to complete the application process. The pandemic has taught us that virtual and online environments are effective tools for getting difficult-to-reach patients and facilitating completion of tasks, such as submitting paperwork, uploading documents and finalizing Medicaid applications.

Our internal statistics confirm that virtual Medicaid screening and enrollment processes will allow your hospital to increase the number of completed Medicaid applications and improve Medicaid conversion rates. By making it easier and more convenient, patients will be more inclined to complete the application process. The patients who previously fell out of the enrollment process due to their job, lack of transportation or many other challenges, will now have the ability to complete a Medicaid application where and when they choose to, and without jeopardizing their well-being.   

At CBIZ we’ve had success in decreasing the number of non-compliant patients regarding completing Medicaid applications. Our robust follow up processes and technological platforms for virtual enrollment have played a large role in our success.  If you would like to learn more about how CBIZ can assist your hospital in reducing your non-compliant Medicaid population, including setting up virtual enrollment processes, please reach out to me at or 609-918-0990.  

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